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Farmers Market Finds: Bloomin' Onions

  Since 1971, The Santa Monica Farmers Market has been a destination.  A place where Los Angeles' chefs and gourmands co-mingle with local farmers to source the best farm-fresh produce available in the Los Angeles area.

Fast forward 43 years to our first installment of our new weekly series: "Farmers Market Finds".  Each week The FareTrade team will peruse this cornucopia of fresh produce to introduce you to new and interesting items to infuse into your own cooking regimen.

For our first installment we chose an item that signifies both the coming of Spring while symbolizing the emergence of The FareTrade: Onion Blossoms.


These alliums represent the flowering of a green onion and provide a delectable medium for upgrading your culinary creations.  The stalks themselves will be great in a stock as a substitute for leeks.

The real fun comes from the blossom themselves.  Each individual "petal" can be

removed and separated from the bunch.  While they are small in size - they pack a

flavorful, oniony punch that will add depth to a multitude of dishes. Try them on top of a seared steak, mashed potatoes - or take a cue from Grow It Cook It Can It and transform them into an allium vinegar (we will definitely be trying this one out).  Over the next few days we will be experimenting with  our onion blossoms.

Stay tuned for our "Sunday Supper" series, debuting this Sunday, to learn what we create.

Have you used Onion Blossoms in your own cooking adventures?  Tell us about your

experiences with Onion Blossoms in the comments section.

-The FareTrade

Stay Adventurous, Epicureans.