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Why Are Foodies Flocking To The FareTrade?

Why Are Foodies Flocking To The FareTrade?

The FareTrade Box

The Fare Trade’s monthly delivery of culinary treasures offers food enthusiasts inspiration, extraordinary ingredients + a true connection to innovative food + its creators. 

A passion for food brought them together, but the desire to create a relationship between food artisans, game-changing chefs and ardent food aficionados was the inspiration behind The FareTrade. Now, as co-founders of The Fare Trade, Jake Ahles and Max Block make it their mission to source both up-and-coming and award-winning chefs and work them to curate delicious, small batch, American made products with original recipes using those products. The team brings it all together in a monthly box, delivered to the doorsteps of foodies who crave both inspiration and the tools to become master chefs in their own kitchens.

Our customers tell us they love that their The Fare Trade boxes connects them to the artisans and chefs who create and utilize these goods each day in their workshops and kitchens.
— Co-Founder, Jake Ahles

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This is no ordinary “monthly box” that foodies find on their doorsteps. Filled with handcrafted products made by local artisans, recipes created to feature those ingredients, a personal note from the chef and an invitation to watch video tutorials to help use these special ingredients to create extraordinary dishes from scratch, each Fare Trade box is a culinary revelation.

Rockstar chefs curate monthly packages of their favorite artisanal food products, along with recipes for how to use them.
— Food & Wine Magazine

The FareTrade Co-Founders:  

Jake Ahles and Max Block

Subscriptions to Fare Trade are pretty innovative, too. Each box includes five full sized products, recipes and access to video tutorials and costs $65, including shipping and handling. Better yet, before they ship each month, The Fare Trade sends subscribers an email with all the details of that month’s box. If a subscriber isn’t interested in that box, they can skip it, no problem.

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The Fare Trade is the gift that keeps on giving.
— Travel + Leisure
The Fare Trade Co-Founders - Jake Ahles + Max Block

The Fare Trade Co-Founders – Jake Ahles and Max Block

With ingredients that range from Coldwater Canyon Provisions Pickled Watermelon Rind to Gracious Gourmet’s Smoked Cherry Onion Spread and step-by-step tutorials from chefs as wide-ranging as Colby and Megan Garrelts (James Beard Foundation Award Winners) to Kris Morningstar (Terrine, LA), The Fare Trade monthly boxes provide the tools to make any aspiring home cook into a culinary star.

The Fare Trade is committed to blossoming epicurean talent and nurturing progressive food artists coupled with creating unique, experiential opportunities to connect the food community at-large; our customers think of themselves as charter members in the culinary club for the modern day food lover.
— Co-Founder, Max Block