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Kris Morningstar

Kris Morningstar


Esquire Network "Knife Fight" Judge

Chef/Co-Owner, Terrine Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA

Originally Featured February 2015

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What Comes In The Box

  • Full Sized Mouthwatering Artisan Ingredients From Across America
  • Physical Recipe Cards for Signature Recipes From Chef Kris Morningstar
  • Access To Online Video Tutorials With Chef Morningstar Showing You How To Master Each Recipe

The Artisan Ingredients

The Signature Recipes

About Chef Morningstar

My interest in food was piqued as a child, growing up and watching my father prepare nightly dinners for the family where I eventually took the reigns - creating elaborate meals for special occasions. Now as a father myself, I understand even more the importance of a good home-cooked meal. Collaborating with The FareTrade is something families everywhere should get behind - spending time cooking together all while learning new tricks and discovering spectacular ingredients from across America - it’s a win-win.

At my restaurant Terrine, I’m focused on creating dishes with big flavors and looking at things from a different perspective. I think it’s important to challenge yourself consistently to do your best and make food that nobody else is doing. The recipes I’ve created with the products you’ll find in this month basket were inspired in the same way - taking classic ideas and pushing the boundary on what flavor combinations or textures you’d generally associate with them. As a judge on “Knife Fight” I’m able to witness first hand the exciting things that can be created with the unexpected and I hope my guidance will allow you to let loose and take your cooking to the next level.